Lesson: How to Use the First Law to Manifest Your Loved One

In the Law of Mentalism, if you direct your thoughts to create the ideal scenario with your loved one, sooner or later it will manifest exactly as you imagined it.

Pour in all the details of your ideal scenario. 

Will it be a romantic dinner? Or will it be as simple as getting unblocked on social media? 

Maximize the powers of this law and create your reality in your mind.

You can turn this into your bedtime routine. Imagine that you open your social media account or hear your phone buzz, and you your loved one’s name. Imagine you bump into them somewhere in the mall or park. Imagine the conversation. Feel the butterflies in your stomach just before you sleep.

The key here is to make this “imaginal act” your predominant thought. The occasional doubt and fear may invade your thoughts, but you must trust in the power of Conscious Creation to see the direct translation of your desires into reality.

Even if you constantly imagine how you and your loved one get back together but your “imaginal acts” are constantly plagued with negative thoughts like “it might not happen”, “I don’t want to raise my hopes”, or “I’ll prepare myself for the worst”, then you’re bound to end up with negative results. 

Worse, you two may see each other again, but it won’t blossom into a beautiful rekindled relationship. And it's all because you tied negative feelings and thoughts to your ideal scenario.

The phrase “hoping for the best, but expecting the worst” is not applicable in Conscious Creation. Your hopes and expectations should both be aligned with your desires. All of them must be empowered by your belief that IT WILL 100% HAPPEN.

This won’t just apply to your ideal reunion scenario. Let your imagination run free with how great your rekindled relationship will be, all the happy (and even cheesy!) moments you two will have, the great places and conversations, and all other imaginal acts you want to see come true.