Lesson: All is Mind and the Universe is Mental

The first universal law is the LAW OF MENTALISM, which states that “ALL IS MIND and the universe is mental.”

This means that the world we live in contains all the manifestations of the collective consciousness (thoughts) of everyone who lives in it.

Everything that you see and cannot see around you, every living and non-living thing, every tangible and intangible comes from the mind.

The entire universe and its parts are made up of mind. You, me, and everyone else is mind.

This mind is universal, infinite, unknowable, and undefinable. This means you are all present, all powerful, all knowing, and limitless!

The Source of Everything

You exist in a limitless ocean of mental energy, and your mind is in the center of it. This means that your mind is the source of everything that you see around you; the one that is entirely responsible for yourself, your whole being, all your experiences, all that you own, the quality of your relationships, and all that await you.

Imagine that who you are, where you’ve been, and what you’ve done in your life are the results of your predominant thoughts. That’s because whatever you think, you create. That’s what the Law of Mentalism is about.

This law is simple, straightforward, and quite literal. If you think about negative things, they are what you will create in your life. If you think about positive things, you will also create positive experiences in your life.

There is nothing that exists around you that didn’t come from your thoughts. All creations come from your mind. Your reality is the result of your mind.

Before you decided to be in a relationship, you must have thought about it first. You must have formed a mental image of your ideal partner so that when you meet someone new, you know exactly whether or not they are your type.

Even the tallest building in the world, which is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, started as someone's idea before it was developed into a plan and then given to the architect, developer, engineers, and contractors. Even Facebook and Apple came from Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Job's minds!

Before you acquired all the material things in your life, you must have thought about them first.

All desires and dreams come from the mind. Nothing gets created without the mind. All the developments in the world come from the mind.

Your mind is the source of all intelligence. It is also the source of all social, physical, mental, spiritual, scientific, artistic, and mechanical achievements and advancements.

The thing is, whether you think consciously or unconsciously, and no matter how fleeting these thoughts, they will always find their way to your Physical Reality.

In fact, your thoughts are not going anywhere else except your Physical Reality. If they are not manifesting right now, they HAVE to manifest later.

The manifestation mainly depends on your predominant thoughts. As long as the majority of your thoughts are positive, they will manifest as positive experiences in your life.

Literal Translation of Thoughts

One important thing that you need to understand about the Law of Mentalism is that whatever you think and believe LITERALLY translates into your Physical Reality.

There are so many instances where I pictured out a detailed scenario in my head and it manifested exactly as I had imagined it to be. This happened so many times. Some people call these "deja vu," but actually, these are the literal translation of our visualizations and subconscious thoughts. 

To take advantage of the Law of Mentalism, you MUST create the specifics of your desire in your mind to get the results that you really want.