Throat Chakra Cleansing 1 by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Throat Chakra Cleansing 1

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Color: Blue

Element: Sound

Position: Hollow of throat

Your communication center — your voice, your creative self-expression. Speaking your truth, coming from the center of your willpower, listening and being heard.

When your Throat Chakra is blocked you may experience…

  • Fear of speaking up and saying what you want or feel
  • Feeling inclined to go along with others so you don’t upset anyone
  • Frustration because you don’t feel that other people hear what you have to say
  • Sore throats or feeling like your throat is blocked

When your Throat Chakra is open you…

  • Are comfortable speaking your truth
  • Experience others listening to you
  • Feel that you are heard and honored for your truth
  • Knowing that you alone are responsible for expressing yourself in an open and honest way

How to open your Throat Chakra

Listen to this Throat Chakra Healing Music while you relax or sleep. You may also visualize the area below the belly button and heal the area with an orange light. 

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