Third Eye Chakra Cleansing 1 by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Third Eye Chakra Cleansing 1

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Color: Indigo

Element: Light

Position: Between the eyebrows

Responsible for psychic abilities such as intuition as well as your sense of purpose in life — self-reflection, visualization, discernment, and trust of your own intuition.

When your Third Eye Chakra is blocked you may experience…

  • A struggle to find meaning in life and often ask yourself, “Why am I here?”
  • Disconnect from your intuition
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Feeling lost when it comes to your spiritual purpose and path in life
  • Frustration that there is something wrong or out of alignment
  • Headaches and tension in your brow area

When your Third Eye Chakra is open you…

  • Trust and act with confidence
  • Have a strong sense of your own inner truth and listen to and follow it as it guides you on your life path
  • Inner wisdom and clarity on your path
  • Strong connection with celestial love

What you can do to open your Third Eye Chakra

Listen to this Solar Plexus Healing Music while you relax or sleep. You may also visualize the area above the navel – two inches below the breastbone and heal the area with a golden light. 

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