Subliminal Audio MP3: Positive Thinking - 528 Hz by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Subliminal Audio MP3: Positive Thinking - 528 Hz

Affirmations in this subliminal

The suggestions in this subliminal:

I have the power to create anything that I want through the Universal Mind that dwells in me
I have unlimited power to replace my false and limiting beliefs about thinking positively about myself and my life
I can easily replace my false and limiting beliefs about my ability to think positive
These subliminal messages are stored directly in my subconscious mind as new beliefs
These are my new beliefs about positive thinking

I am always optimistic about everything that happens and are about to happen to me
I always think positively about myself and the possibilities that await me
My positivity is infectious and draws everyone to me
It is easy and effortless for me to think positively
I always feel great about myself and my life
I am happy and grateful for all the good things that happen to me
I always look at the bright side of things
My glass is always half full
Thinking positive feels natural for me
I am the architect of my life, I build its foundation and choose its contents

I am full of energy and overflowing with joy
I am superior to negative thoughts and low vibrations
I think positive and I see positive things around me
I love seeing and appreciating the positive qualities of others
I possess the qualities to become successful in life
I always get up every time I fall, I never lose, I either win or I learn
I replace bad habits with new and positive ones
I always acknowledge my own self-worth, I am happy being me
I am always in full control of my life and I accept all responsibilities
I always overcome any obstacles that get in the way of my dreams

I know I am constantly evolving towards the person I dream to be
I love myself and I love being me
I like all my qualities and I keep getting better and better everyday
Life always favors me, and that's because I am always positive and hopeful
I attract positive people and circumstances in life
I am always in high-vibrations, thanks to my positive thoughts

I let go of all my limiting and false beliefs about becoming a positive person
I let go of all my limiting and false beliefs about having a positive disposition
I let go of my negative experiences in the past
These beliefs are now stored in my subconscious mind
These beliefs are now manifesting in my reality

So be it, it is done, everything is complete

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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