Subliminal Audio MP3: Overcome Stage Fright - 528 Hz by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Subliminal Audio MP3: Overcome Stage Fright - 528 Hz

Affirmation in this subiminal

This subliminal recording may have nature sounds or custom music as an overlay. All suggestions are set to low frequencies so they are not audible to the conscious mind. The suggestions are meant to address your false limiting beliefs (FLBs) about the given issue. It also contains a Solfeggio frequency tone to increase your vibrational frequency.

Suggestions in this Recording:

I have the power to create anything that I want through the Universal Mind that dwells in me
I have unlimited power to replace my false and limiting beliefs about stage fright.
I can easily replace my false and limiting beliefs about stage fright.
These suggestions are stored directly in my subconscious mind as new beliefs
These are my new beliefs about stage fright.

My body is relaxed.
My mind is calm.
I feel self-assurance flowing within me.
I am confident in what I can do.
I send love to myself.
I am grateful for my talent.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be on stage.
I look at the audience with ease.
I find peace the moment I'm on stage.

I calm down my nerves.
My mind is unshaken.
Fear is all in my mind.
I choose to replace fear with love.
I send love to the stage.
I send love to the audience.
I send love to the moment.
I eliminate all nausea and numbness.
I repel the palpitations and shortness of breath.

I feel the nervousness disappear.
Only confidence, gratitude, and love remain.
The Universe is supportive of my desires.
I desire to give a great and memorable show.
I refuse stage fright from ruining my show.
My mind is clear and focused.
I direct all my energy into my performance.
I execute my talent perfectly.
I am in control of my body.
I am in control of my nerves.
I release stage fright from my system.
I welcome positivity and self-belief.

I let go of all my limiting and false beliefs about stage fright.
I let go of my negative relationship experiences in the past
These beliefs are now stored in my subconscious mind
These beliefs are now manifesting in my reality

So be it, it is done, everything is complete

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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