Subliminal: Beat Bed Wetting by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Subliminal: Beat Bed Wetting

Affirmations in this subliminal

This subliminal recording may have nature sounds or custom music as an overlay. All suggestions are set to low frequencies so they are not audible to the conscious mind. The suggestions are meant to address your false limiting beliefs (FLBs) about the given issue. It also contains a Solfeggio frequency tone to increase your vibrational frequency.

Suggestions in this Recording:

I have the power to create anything that I want through the Universal Mind that dwells in me
I have unlimited power to replace my false and limiting beliefs about wetting the bed.
I can easily replace my false and limiting beliefs about wetting the bed.
These suggestions are stored directly in my subconscious mind as new beliefs
These are my new beliefs about wetting the bed.

I am in control of my body.
I am in control of my mind.
I can have a peaceful rest without wetting the bed.
My body is in full relaxation mode when I'm sleeping.
I can wake up when I really need to pee.
I wake up to a dry bed.
My body functions at the right time.
I am confident sleeping over at other houses.
I can wake up to a dry bed with ease.
My mind has full control over my body.

My mind wakes me up when it needs to.
I let go of past hang-ups that case my bed-wetting.
I forgive past instances of bed-wetting.
I can sleep better now.
I am more confident having someone sleep with me.
I am in control of my bladder even when asleep.
I am grateful for all my normal bodily functions.
I am grateful to be blessed with a wonderful body.
I look forward to a good night's sleep.
I repel worries about bed-wetting.

I am confident in ability to wake up.
I am confident in my ability to sleep soundly.
Peeing is a natural body function.
I can pee at the right time.
I remove all unconscious triggers of my bed-wetting.
I affirm a healthier state of mind.
My sleeping habit is healthy and normal.
I relinquish my bladder problem.
I embrace my natural and normal self.
I send love to my bladder and my whole body.

I let go of all my limiting and false beliefs about wetting the bed.
I let go of my negative relationship experiences in the past
These beliefs are now stored in my subconscious mind
These beliefs are now manifesting in my reality

So be it, it is done, everything is complete

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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