Subliminal: Be More Physically Active - 528 Hz by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Subliminal: Be More Physically Active - 528 Hz

Affirmations in this subliminal

This subliminal recording may have nature sounds or custom-made music as an overlay. It also contains a Solfeggio frequency tone.


I have the power to create anything that I want through the Universal Mind that dwells in me
I have unlimited power to replace my false and limiting beliefs about physical exercise
I can easily replace my false and limiting beliefs about being active physically
These subliminal messages are stored directly in my subconscious mind as new beliefs
These are my new beliefs about being active physically

When I exercise, I am full of energy.
I choose persistent action and perseverance every time.
I am quick, graceful, and agile
I rise above physical and mental exhaustion
Having a strong healthy body is important to me
I replace excuses with determination
I've dissolved all fears around exercising
All excuses and reasons not to exercise have vanished forever
I release all resistance to physical activity
I'm now free of all boredom during exercise
I have all the time I need to exercise

I replace weariness with physical and mental vitality
I recognize and reject all false physical limitations
I can do anything I put my mind to
I exercise safely
I've replaced the need for instant results with patience and persistence.
The harder I work out, the better I feel.
I am filled with the joy of a healthy, strong body.
I'm a great coach and trainer to myself during my workouts.
I've rejected the self-image of a person who does not exercise regularly.
I am confident with my ability to reach my physical goals
I exercise in a way that is enjoyable for me

I have a strong desire to continually improve my physical body
I reach any fitness goal that I choose
I commit to exercising regularly
My body easily and quickly adjusts to its perfect weight for me
I have all the time I need every day to achieve my exercise goals.
I love exercising
I am able to stay completely focused during each workout
I have everything I need to exercise and attain vigorous good health

I let go of all my limiting and false beliefs about exercise
I let go of all my limiting and false beliefs about being active physically
I let go of my negative experiences with exercise in the past
These beliefs are now stored in my subconscious mind
These beliefs are now manifesting in my reality

So be it, it is done, everything is complete

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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