Solar Plexus Cleansing 1 by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Solar Plexus Cleansing 1

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About this product

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Position: Above the navel – two inches below the breastbone.

Objective: Relationship with yourself, personal power, self-esteem, self-worth, and freedom from shame.

When your Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked you may experience…

  • Feeling powerless or victimized
  • Giving your power away to others as you feel this is necessary to keep peace in relationships
  • Difficulty taking action on your dreams due to low self-esteem
  • Stomach pains and anxiety

When your Solar Plexus Chakra is open you…

  • Have a strong sense of your own power and how to use it in healthy ways
  • Admire others with power and influence and choose to emulate people who are
  • Want to use your power and influence for good in the world
  • Trust your intuition and inner guidance
  • Don’t feel need in other people’s confirmation and validation

What you can do to open your Solar Plexus

Listen to this Solar Plexus Healing Music while you relax or sleep. You may also visualize the area above the navel – two inches below the breastbone and heal the area with a golden light.

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