Guided Visualization: Visualize Laughing With Your Loved One by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Guided Visualization: Visualize Laughing With Your Loved One

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About this guided visualization

This guided visualization creates an imaginal act and mental images with the person you want to fall in-love with or manifest in your life. 

In this specific scenario, you and your special person are laughing together about light and mundane things. You are happy with each other.
This guided visualization creates thought forms that when given substance using positive feelings, will translate into its physical manifestation. With continued use of this visualization, you will be in a romantic relationship with the person you imagine in this scenario. 

Why you need to visualize your desire

Based on the study of consciousness and the universal Law of Mentalism, everything is mind and we create our reality through our minds. 
Visualization is the active and conscious use of your mind to create your desire through mental images and scenarios. 
Every time you focus on a mental image in your mind and give this image attention and awareness, it turns into a thought form. 

And when you give substance to this thought form using positive thoughts and feelings, it will manifest into your physical reality that you can experience with all your senses. 

How to use this guided visualization 

Focus on the suggested scenarios in this recording. 

Visualize first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up. At night, visualize before you go to bed. You can also visualize during the day if you want, but this is not necessary. 

Use with related subliminals and other guided visualizations to speed up your desire. 


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Guided Visualization: Visualize Laughing With Your Loved One
8 mins