Guided Visualization: Visualize Being Unblocked on Social Media by Marie at Must Spark Joy

Guided Visualization: Visualize Being Unblocked on Social Media

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  • Duration: 11 minutes 

About this guided meditation

Use this guided visualization if your loved one blocked you on social media and you want them to unblock you. This visualization contains mental scenarios that will allow you to create the experience of being unblocked on social media in real life. 

Each mental image in this guided visualization will allow you to give it your focused attention and conscious awareness so that these mental images will be potent enough to be translated into your physical reality. 

Every time you focus on each mental image, you will be encouraged to feel positive and grateful about the situation. Your positive feelings will give substance to these mental images so that they manifest as your TRUE desire in reality. 

This guided meditation ends with a list of affirmations that will strengthen your belief that you can manifest being unblocked on social media and make you feel grateful for your brand-new relationship with your loved one. 

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Guided Visualization: Visualization to Get Unblocked on Social Media
11 mins