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Q &A
Q: When will I manifest my loved one?
Q: When can I contact my loved one?
Q: How do I know if I am in the state of Unconditional Love?
Q: My end result is to be married to my loved one. What if they find someone else?
Q: How long will I wait until I see any changes in my Physical Reality?
Q: Whenever I have a desire and forget about it after visualization, I manifest it right away. Can you explain this?
Q: How do I deal with the naysayers?
Q: I see my loved one all the time. How do I deal with this?
Q: Is it normal for exes to contact me while doing this course?
Q: I am afraid that my loved one will move on while I am in the process of manifesting them. What should I do?
Q: I have commitment issues. How can I resolve this?
Q: I always check their social media accounts and I panic whenever I see something that I don't like.
Q: How can I ignore my loved one's new boyfriend or girlfriend?
Q: Are the teachings in this course the same as law of attraction?
Q: I don't under stand how my thoughts can effect the decision of my lady when she has free will. What if she visualizes meeting someone else and me moving on? Who wins?
Q: What will I do if i was the one who pushed him out of my life?
Q: My loved one is in another relationship. I would like the other person to disappear. Help!