Today's lesson is part of Cause and Effect, Mentalism, Vibration, and Correspondence.

We will talk about how you tend to create UNCONSCIOUSLY the kind of reality that you don't want as far as manifesting your loved one is concerned.

In our earlier lessons, we discussed that thoughts create your reality and that your predominant thoughts are what manifest as your physical life experiences.

Today, we will talk about the voice in your head that doesn’t seem to stop. This voice has a life of its own: it decides what to say and when to say it, and you wonder whether or not it's you who keeps talking.

And if you think, "I'm not sure what you're talking about," that’s actually that voice talking and not your Real Self.

The voice in your head likes to think about the past, wants to add meaning to neutral things and events, creates labels, and analyzes what went wrong in your relationship with your partner.

When you take a shower in the morning, this voice may suggest that it hurts not to be with your loved one anymore, and life seems meaningless and empty. The voice also reminds you about your breakup all the time and even suggests that your breakup was your fault.

If you take a moment to pause and tell that voice to stop and then try your very best to focus on the act of taking a shower, you’ll realize that your endless mind chatter has nothing to do with taking a shower; that is has nothing to do with where you are right now. 

When you drive, the tendency is for the voice in your head to say something like, "He posted a new photo on Facebook with a woman. Who is she? Why are they together? Is she the new girlfriend?"


"She hasn't replied to my text yet. Maybe she doesn’t care about me anymore.”

Notice that these mental psychobabble have nothing to do with you driving or where you are at the moment. If you stay in the present moment and be aware of your presence, you’ll realize that everything around you doesn’t mean anything. It’s the voice in your head that likes to create scenes in your mind and convince you that these scenes are real.

When you're about to sleep at night, that voice in your head may go: "I wonder if he's out tonight. I wonder if he's having a great time. I bet he's having a great time. Is he with someone else? What am I doing? Why can't I sleep? Let me check his Instagram! Oh, let me check his Facebook. Wait, let me check my phone. He hasn't replied to my messages yet! I already sent him eight messages with no reply! What's taking him so long? Maybe he already deleted my number!"

All your mind chatter has nothing to do with you being on your bed and preparing to sleep!


What this voice is SO good at is adding meaning to neutral things and events.

When your loved one doesn't reply to your text, you tend to add meaning to them not answering. Yes, not responding to your text doesn't mean anything to an objective observer until you give it a negative meaning.

When your loved one says no to your invitation to meet, that voice in your head adds a negative meaning to that event.

The meaning that you add to a neutral thing or event directly affects your feelings. The reason you feel bad about your situation now is you allow the voice in your head to interpret things and events that are supposed to be neutral.

Whenever you assign a negative meaning to a neutral event, that meaning directly and negatively affects your feelings. You end up stressed, hurt, upset, fearful, and hopeless.

But when you consciously and deliberately assign a positive meaning to a neutral event, that meaning will positively affect your feelings. Your vibrational frequency becomes more positive, and this will place you in a better position to manifest your desire.

Think of the fact that your loved one is not physically with you now. So, they’re not with you now. It doesn’t mean anything! And because it doesn’t mean anything, you’re not supposed to be upset about it!

This only starts to hurt when the voice in your head adds a negative meaning to your loved one not being with you. But when you consciously choose to add a positive meaning to your loved one not being with you right now, you’ll immediately feel better.

Although you are wired to automatically add negative meanings to events, you can train yourself by changing the meaning that you attach to your current situation. This will not be easy at first, but as you become more consciously aware of your mind chatter, the better you can direct the voice in your head to suggest positive meanings to neutral things and events.

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