If you are particularly religious and often pray, you can also use the Power of Prayer to get your loved one back. 

Prayer is often credited to as the power behind miracles. I grew up in a Roman Catholic family, and my parents and grandparents used to tell me, "let's pray for miracles" especially when we felt helpless about a situation. 

Usually, when people are desperate or have already exhausted all the means and possibilities to survive, they turn to prayers.  If your friends and family are religious, they also say,  “we will pray for you”. This is their way to help you improve your own situation.

Prayer is a powerful technique to create and manifest your loved one back, especially when it is an essential part of your daily life. 

Visualization and prayer are alike in many aspects. The main difference between the two is that with visualization, you intend to create what you want through the creative power of your own mind, whereas with prayer, you send a request to the Supreme Creator or God or the Universal Mind to take charge of everything for you.


They say all prayers have answers; however, this is not really the case. The truth is, not all prayers are answered. This only means one thing: most people don’t really know how to pray.

If you are a Christian and read the Bible, Mark 11:24 gives you the guidelines to pray: "All things which you are praying for and asking for, believe you have received, and it shall happen for you."

If you practice a different religion, you may also find a similar passage that gives you the guidelines to pray.


Based on this passage from the Bible, you can ask for all things, for anything, through a prayer. That means no request is too big, too impossible, or too difficult to God, who is the same as the Universal Mind or your Real Self (or Higher Self). 


The passage also describes that “you are praying for and asking for” is a request that you make to the Divine Creator, The Absolute, The All, God, or your Higher Self.

This means that whenever you ask, you expect an answer, right? If you do expect an answer, you will get it as a result! 

Whenever I travel, I always ask people for directions, for a good deal, for soy or almond milk for my coffee, for restaurant recommendations, etc., and I always get what I ask for! 

The problem is, when people pray, they ask in prayer but they DON'T EXPECT for their prayers to be granted! As a result, they never get answers at all! 


The last part of the passage says "believe you have received” which is very important in prayer. 

In prayer, don't think about what you ask for as a future event or something that will arrive in the future. Rather, act as if you have already received it. Act as if you already have it RIGHT NOW. 

This means there is no need to ask when you will have your loved one back or how you will manifest them. Just believe, feel, and act as if you are with them already. Receive them in your life right now. Be thankful that you have reunited with them. Celebrate how amazing your relationship is right now. Be happy being a couple! 

In other words, it is not to believe that you WILL receive; rather,  believe you HAVE already received.

Hebrews 11:1 states: “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen."

Ultimately, to believe is not about believing in your personal power to change something but rather in the omnipotence of The Absolute, or God, or your Higher Self to change everything. When you believe that you have already received in prayer is similar to visualizing and "acting as if" you already have your desire RIGHT NOW.

To pray for something in the future is to fail to understand the true nature of space and time in the Mental and Spiritual Planes. Also, when you pray for something in the future, you cannot help but acknowledge that you currently do not have your desire with you now. Your Subconscious Mind will pick up on the "lack" of this desire in your life right now and will execute more of the lack in your Physical Reality.

In doing so, you get caught up asking "when" and "how" and whether it is indeed possible to get your loved one back. This is more often than not followed by the debilitating fear of "What if I won't be able to manifest them back?", which is again born out of not understanding the true meaning of Omnipotence.

Therefore, when you pray, believe that you have already received what you are praying for without any doubt.

For instance, instead of praying for sunshine tomorrow, feel the sun’s rays warming your skin while you pray. Instead of praying for a problem that you want to solve, see the problem as already perfectly solved while you pray. And instead of praying for your loved one to return to your life, feel the joy of being in a perfect relationship with them right now as you pray.

In each case, be grateful while you pray as if what you pray for has already been granted to you.

The last part of the instruction for prayer tells you -- in no uncertain terms -- that as long as you ask and believe, then what pray for will happen for you. In other words, you will receive.

It does not say maybe you will receive it, or that The Absolute will think about it depending on the circumstances. It is definite that you shall receive, the only conditions being:  1. to ask for it, and  2. to believe you have received it.

Put simply, when you ask for your desire, and you believe that you already have it are the prerequisites to receiving your desire by manifesting it in your Physical Reality. Bear in mind that the word ‘shall’ implies the future, but based on your understanding of the nature of time, this includes the present moment or any other moment after that experienced as time in the Physical Plane.

Even if you do not see an instant manifestation of your request through prayer, believe that it is only a matter of time in the Physical Plane, without any concern about how long it will take because it has already manifested in the Mental and Spiritual Planes.

This then is the correct method for prayer: ask, believe, receive. It should be in that specific order. 

If you ask but do not believe, you cannot receive. And if you believe but never ask, then likewise you cannot receive. 

If, however, you ask and truly believe that you have received, then you already have. Few people truly ask, and even fewer come close to truly believing. Make sure you always Ask - Believe - Receive. 


When you believe that getting back with your loved one is possible within your own Divine creative power, it is preferable that you WILL IT for yourself through visualization.

In contrast, when you feel getting your loved one back is improbable or even impossible, especially if you obsess over getting them back or when you are attached to the outcome, then request for your desire as described here through prayer.

Having said this, whether you request in prayer or intend through visualization, remember that the source of power is the same and unchanging. All power originates from Omnipotence or The Absolute or God or Your Higher Self.

Bear in mind that visualization and prayer are one and the same process because, in both instances, you access the power of The Source.

Once again, the only difference is that visualization is a process that utilizes the creative power of your mind, whereas prayer is a request that you leave wholly in the hands of The Source. In both cases, you rely on the power of the Divine Creator, which is your Higher Self (Real Self).

Of course, you could pray for everything, but there is a great reward to be had by directly participating in the creation of your own life, as it is intended for you to do. In so doing, you acknowledge yourself as the Creator of your life, rather than never recognizing your power to create your reality.

The Greek philosopher Epicurus put it this way: “It is folly for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself.”

To access your Omnipotence as a Divine Creator, make both visualization and prayer part of your everyday life. 


Contrary to mainstream advice that's primarily focused on never giving up, to "give up" is a powerful step in Conscious Creation, if you know how to do it the right way. 

But most people think giving up is a cowardly act, or it means they abandoned their desire. Actually, to "give up" is more courageous than "try, try, and try again," which is less effective in trying to manifest someone back. 

You have probably, at some point, been faced with a dilemma of whether or not to give up on something you deeply desired. The usual advice is to ‘keep trying,’ but it can also be the most tiring, time-wasting, and energy-draining thing that you can do. If, however, you know how and when to give up, it is one of the most powerful steps you can take. 

To "give up" means to give upwards. This means to give your desire to a Higher Power or The Source or The Divine Creator. Send your desire upwards to the Divine Creator or your Higher Self, who shares in All-Knowledge and All-Power, to sort it out for you. 

When you have tried everything else, to give up in this way is really the most powerful action you can take. 

A saying attributed to Albert Einstein is that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results." Use this as your guide to giving up. When you have tried everything, usually a number of times and in different ways, but are still getting the same unwanted results or see that nothing has changed, then give it upwards, in its entirety, to the Divine Creator. 

You are the only one who can be the judge of whether not giving up on something will harm and hold you back from being happy. The inner voice of your intuition will tell you to persist, or it will advise you to stop and hand it over to The Source of All. Listen to it and honor its advice. When you are just too tired to try yet another way, give it upwards. 

Incidentally, the etymology of the term ‘give up’ correlates with the old French word surrender, meaning to ‘deliver over.’ So giving up is to deliver your intention over to The Absolute. 


Never say ‘I give up’ with a sense of resignation. Rather, let it be a powerful decision. Always imagine your intention being sent upwards and really ask and believe that it will be created for you. Then let it go in its entirety and know it is in the hands of The Divine Creator. 

When you refuse to give up on your desire even though you've been struggling with it for so long, is sometimes the very thing that will prevent you from receiving it. That's because when you hold on to your desire for so long after so many trials and errors means you are deeply attached to it. Attachment to the outcome makes you not only obsessed with it but also doubtful. 

It is better to give up on your desire than not to have faith in your ability to manifest but still hope that it will come. In this case, hope without faith is just doubt by another name. 

Know that when you hand your desire over to a Higher Power, you open yourself up to the realm of miracles. Indeed, when you adhere to the advice to ‘let go and let God, The Divine Creator, The All or your Higher Self’ is at times the only way to receive your desire in your heart. 


Even if you intend for yourself to experience something through visualization, ask for it through prayer, or give your desire upwards. Always make prayer part of your daily life to say thank you with gratitude for your life. 

When you take the time each day to truly thank The Divine Creator for everything you already have in your life, from the mundane to the most important, then you cannot help but cultivate an attitude of joy and gratitude. 

You will also find that you no longer whine as much or complain about those things you perceive to be missing in your life. Make saying “thank you” your daily essential prayer. Gratitude, however, is not about jumping up and down with excitement. It comes from the word ‘grace,’ and there is nothing more graceful than being grateful every day.


A miracle is something that cannot be explained, like instant healing. Miracles, however, usually happen when someone has decided to “see” and believe in healing instead of sickness.

And when healing manifests instantly in Physical Reality, we become so amazed because we couldn’t explain how it all happened. That’s because the vast majority of us only decide to give neutral events the usual meanings that we are used to, based on the stored FLBs in our subconscious.

Majority of the people who want to manifest their loved one back do not manifest them because they are the same people who don’t believe in miracles. That’s because they refuse to see things differently. They focus on fear instead of love, on being apart instead of being together, and on impossibilities instead of possibilities. They give negative meanings to their experiences on autopilot and become unaware that these meanings are the causes of what happen to them.

Learn to utilize your consciousness for the purpose that it was created for. Become consciously aware of the meaning that you often add to a neutral thing or event, and focus on the positive version of the meaning.

This is again about the relationship of your Conscious and Subconscious Minds. Carefully analyze what you allow your Conscious Mind to accept and believe, and you will attract “miracles” into your life every day.

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