After Mentalism and Divine Oneness, we delve into the inherent energies the whole Universe vibrates with.

Have you ever wondered why when you're at your happiest, you meet the most amazing people and come across amazing opportunities? Today's lesson will give you more insights into the way the universe works. 

The 2nd universal law of manifesting your loved one is the Law of Vibration. This law states that “Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates, and that the whole universe is vibration.”

This law is immutable, which means that it is absolute, always true, always in effect, and always in full force. There’s nothing that you can do to change or transcend it, but I will show you how to use it better to your advantage, and in manifesting your loved one. 

We discussed in the previous lessons that everything in the universe is mind so that whenever you create something in your reality, you use your mind first using the process of thinking. 


The main premise of the Law of Vibration is that thoughts have energy. If you have negative thoughts, these thoughts have negative energy and eventually manifest into negative experiences and attract people with negative vibes and intentions. If you have positive thoughts, these thoughts naturally have positive energy and manifest as positive experiences in your life. These thoughts also attract people with positive vibes. 

This explains why when you're at your happiest, you tend to meet or attract happy people. And even those who have lower vibrations become attracted to your positive energy. And this is explained by the principle that higher vibrational frequencies have direct influence over lower vibrational frequencies. 

You already know that everything that you see around you is energy. You have energy, and energy vibrates at certain frequencies (or vibrational frequencies). In other words, ALL are energy with particular rates of vibration.

Everything around you vibrates at certain frequencies. My website has a vibrational frequency, for example. These lessons have vibrational frequencies. Raw foods have significantly higher vibrational frequencies than processed or junk food. The United States, as a country, vibrates higher than developing countries. Famous people and world leaders vibrate at higher frequencies than regular people. Even the chair that you’re sitting on now has its own vibrational frequency! 


Of course, your thoughts about your loved one have specific vibrational frequencies. If you focus on the negative memories or on the negative qualities of your loved one, you will not be able to create new and positive experiences with them. You will also continue to experience these negative qualities when you're around or communicating with them. 

To change this whole situation, always be more consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings at any given point in time. Use your thoughts and feelings as your internal guide to put yourself in the best position to manifest the best relationship and the best version of your loved one.

The Law of Vibration also states that vibrations attract anything that possesses identical frequencies. This means that your thoughts have the power to attract anything that has identical frequencies to it, as what I explained above. This is the reason behind the "think positive" advice that you hear from friends or read in different books. 

The conscious use of your thoughts and your ability to direct your mind to think only of positive things will automatically raise your own level of consciousness at any given time. When your level of consciousness gets elevated, the rates of your vibration -- or vibrational frequency or what we call feelings --  also gets elevated. What happens is you will have better experiences and opportunities in life. You will also manifest your desires faster and easier. 

I will discuss the Law of Vibration more extensively through The Scale of Consciousness. 

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