The next Universal Law for manifesting your loved one is the Law of Cause and Effect, which is an immutable law, so you cannot transcend or change it. It will always take effect in full force 24/7. 

According to this law, nothing happens by chance. This law states that “chance” is a term that indicates an effect of a cause that the creator hasn’t recognized or hasn't perceived yet. In other words, you think something happens to you by chance when, in actuality, you created that chance yourself -- you just didn’t know or didn’t realize that you created it.

The Law of Cause and Effect has been recognized by almost all religions and almost all thinkers in the world, including those who believe in chance or “coincidences”. In truth though, there is no such thing as “pure chance” because to have chance means this law is not absolute, which is contrary to its immutable nature. 

Nothing happens by itself without any causes. Everything that manifests in the Physical Plane got created in the Mental Plane first. Everything that happens to you, including the people you meet, is your own doing. You don’t always recognize that you created it, but you are the cause of ALL things that happen to you. 

We also have to consider that ALL IS MIND, and that the Universe is MIND. And the universe’s manner of creation is through the mind. So, if we believe in chance, that means we created it outside of "THE ALL" or the Universal Mind. So, the question is, how could you create something outside of the mind when everything is MIND?

Assuming you can create chance without a cause, that will break the order and the continuity of the universe. It will also cause chaos and lawlessness in the world. The Law of Cause and Effect leaves no room in the universe for something outside and independent of it, so that’s why there’s no such thing as chance. 

You finding my website is not a chance. It was you who created the cause. You were seeking for answers, and the answers appeared through my site. Your “desire” to find answers to your questions (cause) resulted in you reading my lessons (effect).

I used to believe in chance. I liked the idea of “chance encounters”; but because I wasn’t consciously aware of my own “intentions” (cause), these chance encounters didn’t last. 

These days, whenever I meet someone interesting, I always ask myself, “What is it IN ME that attracted this person?” I am always looking for the cause that I created. Although the cause isn’t always recognizable, I will eventually get to the A-HA moment and realize that I created the “idea of that person” in my mind. 


Nothing ever "happens" without a cause or rather a chain of causes. If you’ve been looking for “signs” of your creation or if you’ve been analyzing all the social media posts, actions, reactions, text messages, or calls of your loved one, that means you have no confidence in your ability to “create” your desired outcome. You have no confidence in the "cause". That, or you haven’t been conscious of your "cause".

For those who are obsessed with signs, I recommend that you give up looking for them. I read a lot of posts on different forums and articles that say, “Oh I see my partner’s name everywhere!” or “I see 1111 or 2222 today!” 

Yes, these are some of the “signs” that your Physical Reality is changing and moving towards the direction of your desire, but the more you dwell on the signs, the more you will just create signs and not your actual desire. 

Some of you might reason that signs are a way for you to know that your creation is working, and it is a way to monitor your progress. But the fact that you have to look for signs means you are not fully confident in your ability to create your desired outcome. You are basically operating on the level of doubt or fear that your desire might not come, which are not high vibrations at all. 

Instead of getting assurance from the signs, there should already be a sense of knowing (faith) that your desire will manifest in your Physical Reality sooner rather than later. You already know it will come, so you just relax, smile, and enjoy the ride!

But this doesn’t mean you have to ignore the signs. When you see them, send love to the signs and to everyone and everything around you. Be grateful in your heart that your Physical Reality is changing. What I am saying is give up LOOKING for them. 


The Law of Cause and Effect doesn’t only refer to one cause for every effect. Each effect is the result of an “event” that precedes it, and what precedes it is the effect of an “event” that precedes it. So the Law of Cause and Effect follows a chain of causes that continues to have a chain of effects. 

The same thing happened to me when I had the desire to go to the United States in 2005. I eventually met someone who helped me with the process, and I had to wait three years for my petition to be approved. I came to the United States in 2008 and became a permanent resident. After five years, I became a U.S. citizen in 2013. I also ended up living in the in San Francisco -- the city that I had in mind in 2005. All these happened exactly as I had imagined and more: I originally just wanted to go to the U.S., I didn’t know I’d end up a U.S. citizen eight years later! 

It is also the same as wanting to have $1 million. Do not expect $1 million to appear in front of you the next day. What will happen usually is that you will either have the urge to buy a lottery ticket and win $1 million or you’ll think of a $1-million business idea or meet a business mentor who can teach you how to build a business that generates millions!

Let's think of a stone that is dislodged from a mountainside and crashes through a roof of a cottage in the valley below. At first sight, we think this as a chance effect, but when we examine the event closely, we find a great chain of causes behind it. 

In the first place there was the rain that softened the earth that supported the stonel; then there was the influence of the sun, rains, and weather that gradually disintegrated the piece of rock from a larger piece; and so on. Then we might follow up the causes of the rain over the rock. Then we might consider the existence of the roof.

Just as a man has two parents, and four grandparents, and eight great-grandparents, and sixteen great-great-grandparents, and so on until forty generations are calculated and the numbers of ancestors run into many millions — it is the same with the number of causes behind one event. 


If we apply this to getting your partner back, perhaps the first event that will lead to your manifestation is maybe your partner un-blocking you on social media, and then reaching out to you, and then inviting you out for coffee, then apologizing for everything that happened, then being friends with you, then being in a romantic relationship with you again, and then being in a long-term and committed relationship with you. 

But then, some of you "disturb" these chain of events because of your impatience. Some of you get upset when your loved one just wants to be friends with you for now. You are quick to conclude that you’re being "friend-zoned”. The more you think of being friends as the ultimate effect, the more it will become your permanent status with your loved one and it will only distract you from focusing on your end goal. What happens is if you keep focusing on being "friend-zoned", you will ALWAYS be "friend-zoned".

I am not saying that your manifestation WILL happen this way. What I am saying is it CAN happen this way.

Some manifestations are faster and more direct, like you’ll be surprised that your loved one will call you out of nowhere and beg you to reconsider. The speed of your manifestations depends on how focused and disciplined you are and how committed you are to your desire.

As you see, it can be the “series of events” that can lead you to your desired outcome. You will probably meet people along the way who can help show you the way to your desire. You may also find yourself in a situation that will lead to another situation until it leads to your desired outcome. Conscious Creation is indeed an amazing process, what you need to do is relax and enjoy the journey!

One of my favorite quotes is from Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist. He said, "And when you want something, all the universe will conspire to give you what you want." 

I loved it, but for the longest time, I didn't understand the real meaning of this quote. I thought the universe is a space where I belong to that likes to throw random things at people. I was always amazed by all the "meaningful coincidences" and how the universe just knew my desires.

Now, I understand better: it's not the universe that conspired to bring me what I want. It's me, myself, and I that created all this, through my own consciousness!

Another important thing to discuss here is your FREEDOM to think on your own. You have been influenced, preconditioned, brainwashed, and swayed by the opinions and thoughts of the outside world. You may also be easily swayed by your emotions that many of you cannot apply these ideas without your Conscious Mind doubting and questioning their effectiveness. If you allow your Conscious Mind to take over, what happens is that you acquire NO MASTERY of yourself, and NO WILLPOWER to transcend your own situation. 

I encourage you to not just “go with the flow”, so to speak. If you really want to manifest your loved one back, CONSCIOUSLY DIRECT the ebb and flow of the tide. In other words, deliberately create the cause that will bring you to your desire. 

Do not be moved by the pawns on the checkerboard of life. Play your parts and get laid aside when the game is over. Be the grand master who knows the rules of the game, rise above your opponents, dominate your own moods, never allow yourself to be distracted, apply the techniques that you learned, strategize, and win! 

In other words, always use your WILLPOWER to direct your thoughts so that you can create the right causes for your desired effects. Always rise above everything that you see around you. Rise above anything that you don’t like in your situation right now. Know that as you as you change your cause, you will also change your effect. 

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