This universal law is my favorite. You will know why as you read on.

The Law of Correspondence is an immutable law, which states that “As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without’"

As you can tell from the name, “correspondence” has to do with communication; but this is not about our communication with one another. This actually refers to our communication with the different parts of ourselves, namely our Physical Body and our Non-Physical Body.

“As above, so below” is similar to “On Earth, as it is in Heaven”. This particular phrase refers to the communication among the lower energies (Earth) and the higher energies (Heaven), which are our Physical and Non-Physical Realities.

“As within, so without” means that what you see outside of you is the mirror of what is inside of you. If you have a disorganized mind, for example, your home may also be disorganized. If you have love in your heart, there will be so many people who love you in return.

In particular, “As above, so below” and “As within, so without” refer to the Different Planes of Existence. These planes make up your Physical and Non Physical Realities. Although there are many planes of existence, we will only discuss the three major planes: the Physical Plane, Mental Plane, and Spiritual Plane. 


The Different Planes of Existence is a concept found in religious and esoteric teachings such as Hermeticism, Kabbalah, and Theosophy. 

The difference between each plane is the density of the substance as well as the degrees of consciousness present in each. The degrees of consciousness in each plane also has corresponding vibrational frequencies. The densest is the Physical Plane and the least dense is the Spiritual Plane. These planes exist at the same place and at the same point in time.

In other words, these planes belong to One Plane of Life Manifestation. How you access each plane highly depends on the degree of your consciousness, positivity, and your level of awareness at any given time. 

You can easily jump from one plane to another by changing the degree of your consciousness, your degree of positivity, and your level of awareness. You can do this by simply changing your thoughts and feelings from negative to positive. 

It’s like the channels on TV: you know that the channels exist at the same time and you can change the channel at any time depending on what shows you would like to watch at a specific time slot. 

Although you can access these planes depending on your degree of consciousness, positivity, and awareness, they are not independent of one another. 

Remember that all these planes exist at the same time. You also need to understand that you exist in all these planes at the same time. You exist in the Physical Plane through your Physical Body, and you exist in the Mental Plane through your Non-Physical Body (your thoughts and feelings). More importantly, you also exist in the Spiritual Plane when you reach the scale of Unconditional Love.
Now we will simply differentiate these planes from one another and understand what purpose they serve or what language they use. In the later lessons, we will learn how to use the correspondence between these planes to manifest your loved one back.


The Physical Plane is what you are extremely familiar with because you literally see and experience it every day. 

The Physical Plane contains all the physical manifestations that you created in the Mental and Spiritual Planes. The Physical Plane is also called The Plane of Effects, which means that everything that you see and experience around you are the results of your creation through your thoughts and feelings. 

This is the densest plane of all, where matter is solid and can be perceived by all your senses. The energy here is limited to the speed of light and the events are ordered by time and space. This is the environment that you experience right now. 
The energy here moves slowly, which is why we have this concept of “time” and “space”. You can see and touch these dense energies because they appear in their solid forms. But because they are in their solid forms, they are harder to move or transfer from one place to another. Moving and changing them takes physical effort and time.

Since there is no plane below the Physical Plane, it is not powerful and has no direct influence over other planes. It is the least powerful of all planes of existence. The languages native to this plane are words and actions. 

This means that to find your way and navigate through this plane, you always have to use words and actions. 


The next major plane is the Mental Plane, which is less dense than the Physical Plane. This is also called the Causal Plane because this is where the “causes” of the physical manifestations in the Physical Plane happen. 

It is non-physical in type, and the energy here moves in a way that is beyond the concept of speed. The energy or objects in this plane can instantly travel from one place to another and can simultaneously appear in two or more places at once because it is not limited by space and time. The objects in the Mental Plane are not cohesive and don’t represent physical objects. 

The objects in the Mental Plane are called thoughts and feelings. If in the Physical Plane you are not physically together with your loved one, in the Mental Plane, you can be together with your loved one every day. 

There are absolutely no limitations as to what you can do in the Mental Plane. The density of energy in this plane gives you the opportunity to create different versions of yourself, the best version of your loved one, your best relationship scenario, your ideal living situation with them, and the words that you want to hear them say. 
Since you exist in all Planes of Existence at the same time, your experiences in the Mental Plane (your thoughts and feelings) are real and not merely illusions, "make-believe" or “wishful thinking”. 
The truth is, your experience in the Mental Plane is more real than your experience in the Physical Plane, because the Mental Plane is THE CAUSE of everything that happens in the Physical Plane (The Plane of Effects). 
Between the cause and effect, the cause is more real because, without it, there is no effect. Between the Mental and Physical Planes, the Mental Plane is more powerful than the Physical because, without it, all you see around you now will be nothing. It is also for this reason that the Mental Plane is located ABOVE the Physical Plane. 
The Mental Plane is also higher than the Physical Plane and operates at the higher scales of consciousness. In the Laws of Mentalism and Vibration, high consciousness (high vibrations) have direct influence over lower vibrations. 

In the Planes of Existence, the Mental Plane has a direct influence on the Physical Plane. This means that nothing can be created in the Physical Plane without creating it first in the Mental Plane. This is consistent with the other universal laws as well as Conscious Creation principles. 
The only reason people like to call the activities that we do in the Mental Plane as “make believe” is their “unknowingness” of their true nature as a limitless being, as well as the true nature of their existence. They are not aware that they are ALL that exists IN ALL.
Once you acknowledge and accept the fact that you exist in different planes of existence, you will understand and make sense of the saying, “Thoughts become things.” This is also the reason why some of the greatest self-help books are entitled "Think and Grow Rich", "The Millionaire Mind",  "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life", and "As a Man Thinketh". 
In the Mental Plane, ideas and emotions are more important than physical objects. The languages in the Mental Plane are thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You can easily access this plane when you raise your awareness through mental concentration, mental focus, feeling positive about yourself and everything around you, and meditation.


The last major plane of existence is the Spiritual Plane. This plane is the highest aspect of the Mental Plane because it operates on the highest scales of consciousness — Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment. 
This plane is non-physical in nature and the energy here cannot be recognized because its movement is in the constant changing state of being. The objects in this plane do not exist as physical objects, and the concepts of time and space are irrelevant. 
This is the place of energies that we call angels, demi-gods, deities, Gods, Allah, Buddha, etc. These energies are just creations of the minds of men, but they represent the highest state of OUR OWN consciousness. 
Remember that nothing is separate from us and that there are no outside entities that are responsible for all the things that happen to us. There are no gods or goddesses, patrons, saints, or deities. There are only the low states of consciousness and the high states of consciousness. 

 When you are in the Spiritual Plane, and you decide to stand inside a room, there would be no room— there’s only your consciousness. You have no physical body and you will not meet other physical bodies. However, you can create relationships with others through their thoughts, emotions, and energy. In this place, everyone knows everyone else through their souls.
 The Spiritual Plane is the most unfamiliar to you because you need to change your degree of consciousness to access it and it is not visible to your senses at all. Everything in this plane does not depend on shape or form. You are who you are because of who you are, not because of the constructions, labels, influences, and effective brainwashing that surrounds you.
The Spiritual Plane has the highest degree of consciousness required to access and has the highest rate of vibrational frequency, and that’s why it is the least dense and the most inaccessible to physical senses. It is also the most powerful and can directly influence the Mental and the Physical Planes. The languages native to these planes are Unconditional Love, Absolute Truth, Absolute Beauty.

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