To have a successful manifestation process, we need to go over the basics of how the universe is set up, how it operates, and how we perceive it. By knowing the basics, it will be easier for you to understand your experiences and whatever is happening in your reality right now. 

We live in a physical world. We think of ourselves as having physical bodies (and we DO have physical bodies), living in physical houses, owning things, interacting with other physical bodies, and living in a physical universe. All of these are true; however, what's more important to understand is all these things that you see are based on energy, specifically different patterns, formations, or habits of energy that merged together to form physical manifestations.

When you have energy that's moving in a formation altogether, you will eventually see something physical, like how people move around to organize a party or when tectonic plates under the Earth move to create a mountain.

But while those are already physical things moving other physical things, this is basically the same idea with how energy turns into physical form.

We are all energetic creatures that were created because of energy that got manifested in the physical world; but we don't just act physically, we also act energetically through our thoughts and feelings. 


You and I know that it's common for us to interact with our surroundings using our five senses. Whatever our five senses can experience is what we think as real. If any of our five senses can’t perceive something, we think of it as unreal or non-existent or a “figment of the imagination.” 

The exception is the concept of God or the Divine Creator or the Higher Being. We don't need proof to believe in its existence. We believe in it solely by "act of faith."

Because we tend to see our reality based on the what our senses can perceive, we feel as if we are separate from everything else around us. We have to buy our favorite shirt so that we can wear it. We have to ride an airplane, so we get to our dream country. We need to travel 40 kilometers just to see our loved one again.

Based on our immediate reality, everything is bound by time, distance, and even money. Based on our immediate reality, we are not one with the universe because everything just takes up too many of our resources before we can have it!

We think as if everything around us can disappear in a flick of a finger, that’s why most people are consumed by accumulating material things or are in a panic mode to get what they want (including manifesting a loved one) as if these things, people, and opportunities will be gone the next day. 

There is a different side to the story, however. The nature of the universe has been established by religions as well as quantum physicists since the time of Isaac Newton. Based on religions and quantum physics, the universe exists beyond the perceptions of the five physical senses. 

Quantum physicists have proven time and time again that the Universe is made up of vibrations, energy, and consciousness where everything and everyone is part of in equal measure.

Going back to our earlier discussion about energy and physical reality, this means that there is also a reality that we cannot perceive using our five senses. And this reality isn't just a "figment of the imagination."  Our thoughts and feelings have energy that translates into reality. 

In our thoughts and feelings, we are not bound by time, distance, and money. The moment we imagine ourselves to be with our loved one, we are! If you think of yourself as someone rich and living a luxurious life, you are! In the next lessons, you will gradually learn how to use your energy to create the reality you want.

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